MUST SEE! These Huskies Quench Their Thirst in the Most PECULIAR Way You’ve Ever Seen!

Each dog has his or her own quirks and preferences just like a human.  That’s why all animal lovers have unique relationships with their dogs – no two dogs in the world are the exact same!

These two huskies were quenching their thirst one day when dad noticed the female husky doing something silly.  Luckily, he grabbed his camera and caught it on film because this is definitely something you’ve never seen a dog do before!


These two huskies were enjoying their day outside.  When it came time to quench their thirst, dad noticed his female husky doing something peculiar…

She began dipping her entire snout into the bowl…



Then she started doing something hilarious.  Check her out in action next!

Click next to watch the full video!


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