Momma Dog Places Her 11 Newborn Puppies into Her Foster Mom’s Lap, Her Reaction Is PRICELESS!

Adopted and fostered dogs are full of appreciation for the humans who helped them.  That’s why it’s so important for animal lovers to share adoption and rescue stories to inspire everyone to adopt before they shop!

The dog featured in this video named Grace was lucky enough to find a loving foster mother who could give her space for her puppies too!  Wait until you see how much love there is in the room!


Meet Grayce the momma dog and her foster mother.  Her foster mother gave Grayce a place to raise her puppies, and Grayce’s appreciation is amazing!

Her foster mother said, “My sweet foster dog Grayce came to me three weeks ago. She was ready to find a safe space to have her pups. She found me. I’d say by this video she feels somewhat safe. I sure love her.”



Grayce wanted to share the love with her foster mom so she did the cutest thing.  Wait until you see how beautiful the interaction between dog and foster mother is next!

Click next to watch the full video!


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