Mom Thought the Kids Were Eating All the Whipped Cream, But She Found This Instead!

It’s easy to detect when someone is eating whipped cream in the kitchen.  The can makes an unmistakable hissing sound.  One afternoon, a mom heard that hissing sound coming from the kitchen, and she rushed in thinking her kids got into the whipped cream.

What she found instead was her dog laying on the floor with the can of whipped cream angled into its mouth.  The clever pooch figured out how to use the nozzle!

When mom heard the unmistakable sound of a whipped cream can coming from the kitchen, she rushed in thinking her kids had gotten into the whipped cream stash…

When she looked down, she saw her dog licking the bottle of whip cream with the nozzle angled into its mouth!

Instead of scolding the dog, all she could do was laugh.  The pooch had figured out how to dispense the perfect amount of whip cream in each slurp!  You have to see it to believe it!

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