Mom Tells Her Puppy He Can’t Sit on Her Lap, Then He Throws the Most Adorable Tantrum EVER!

If one thing is certain, puppies need all the attention in the world.  Dog lovers often find themselves carrying their puppies around everywhere like babies.  My 50-lb basset hound still looks at me to pick him up, and I can’t help but cradle him like a baby.  It’s impossible to say no to his handsome face!

When this mom was driving around town with her new bundle of joy, he wanted to get in momma’s lap.  She told him “no” and then this happened…

This adorably cute puppy felt lonely sitting in the passenger seat…

When mom told him to stay in his seat, he began whining in the cutest fashion…

Prepare to fall in love when you see him in action!  He’s too cute for words!

Just look at that little tongue!

Watch the full video below!

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