Mom Plays a Game of Fetch with Her Pooch, You’ll Never Guess What the Dog Brings Her Back

One of the things we love so much about dogs is their goofy nature.  The happier a dog is the goofier it will be.  We also love to play games with our dogs to ensure they get ample exercise and know we love them enough to play.

The animal owners in this video recorded a game of fetch with their pets, and it’s setting the internet on fire with laughter.  Some of the animals bring back different objects while others are specially trained to assist their owners during a round of indoor golf…


We all love playing with our dogs.  It brings out their goofy nature as well as ours.  The owners in the following video recorded some of the silliest moments they’ve had with their pets while playing a game of fetch…

The guy below hits golf balls in the house, and his cat retrieves them.  Now, that makes working on your short game a whole lot easier…



This owner recorded his dog in slow motion fetching the ball and completely overshooting it.  The entire compilation will have you in stitches!  Check out the full video next!

Watch the full video below!


Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

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