Mom Had No Clue If Her New Baby Would Get Along with the Pets, Then She Came Home to This!

The bond between baby and pet is one of the most beautiful bonds in the world.  Pets almost always naturally take the baby under their paws and treat them like their own pup or kitten.

When Kasey Boggs introduced her newborn baby to her family of pets, she had not clue what to expect.  Then this happened…

The pets immediately fell in love with the baby…

The pets are a cohesive unit, and they all approve of the baby…


The pets had no clue what was going on when Kasey left home to give birth to baby Sonny.  She said, “They were out of sorts with us being gone for a few days, and we had left in a hurry, and they could sense that something was wrong with me and the urgency of our departure.”

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