Mom Gives Interview About Dead Son When Reporter Sees His Dog and Screams for the Camera

There are some things that happen on this earth, we simply cannot explain.  One of those events occurred recently, and it’s blowing people’s minds.

Justin Rollins served his country in the 82nd Airborn Division Paratroopers when he tragically lost his life in Iraq at the young age of 22.

After his death, his mom noticed a puppy with Justin in some of his war photos.  She could tell the puppy meant a lot to her son so she hunted the pup down to bring home to the States.

The dog’s name is Hero, and he is now living with Justin’s mom.

Justin Rollins gave his life in war while serving in the 82nd Airborn Division Paratroopers.

Justin and his comrades discovered a litter of puppies while they served in Iraq.



Justin made a special connection with one pup and named him, Hero.

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