Miniature Bunny Has a Condition That Keeps It Tiny Forever – And We Are Completely in Love

Animals are the best at giving us those ‘OMG cute attack’ moments.  That’s why the internet was created right?  The internet obviously can’t survive without cute pets everywhere. Duh!

The new cutie on the block is a rabbit but not any rabbit.  These are dwarf rabbits.

Be warned! You may have never seen anything in your life as cute as these little balls of fur.

You’ve been warned!
Meet the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit aka the cutest animal on earth.  They first came about during the turn of the 20th century.


In 1969, America was lucky enough to welcome them.

They actually get their small size from a genetic mutation.  How cute is this little guy!

The best part is they are as sweet as they look.

Dwarf bunnies are now the third most popular pet in the country.  We can see you now running to find one!

Check out a dwarf bunny in action below!

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