Meet Zoë the Cat with a Heart on Her Chest That Is Breaking the Internet

Most of us have seen animals with unique fur markings.  We’ve probably also memorized the exact fur markings on all of our own pets.  I know my Bassett Hound looks like he dipped his tail in white paint and someone painted a brown owl face on his back.

The cat in this article named Zoë has one of the most unique fur patterns we’ve ever seen. It’s not hard to see that she has a heart right there on her chest!  How cute is that?

Zoë the cat is making waves on the internet because of the amazing fur marking on her chest.  She has a heart right there.  It means she always wants to tell you how much she loves you…

Her owners were the first ones to notice the black heart pattern.  They went to adopt her sister, Izzy, but when they saw the black heart, they couldn’t resist bringing them both home…


Once she grew up, the heart shape only became more pronounced.  Check out more photos of her next!

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