Meet Yana, the Two-Faced Kitty Whose Parents Ran out of Ink

When people are labeled two-faced, it’s an insult, but for chimeric cats, it’s a beautiful thing.  When you see this cat’s unique markings, you may wonder why someone posted the kitty in a classified ad.

In July 2016, the previous owner posted an advert on the Belarussian website, Nasha Niva.  That’s when Elizabeth the architect found her new best friend.

The chimeric cat and Elizabeth have been living together ever since, and the cat has built quite the following on Instagram.

Elizabeth found the cat while browsing a Belarussian classified site.

She immediately fell in love with the cutie pie!

Now, they do everything together including walks…

Her cat has a large following on Instagram…

Too cute!

What incredible eyes!

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