Man Plants Trees in Same Spot Every Day, Now See His Masterpiece 37 Years Later

If everyone in the world dedicated even a small amount of time daily to helping nature, the world would instantly be a much better place.  In just a few minutes time – the same amount it takes to send a few texts – a person can plant a tree.

A young man named Jadav “Molai” Payeng made the decision to do his part for nature over thirty years ago.  He planted trees near his home in the Assam region of India.  His intention?  He wanted to create a home for wildlife…

Over thirty years ago, a teenage boy named Jadav Payeng decided he wanted to give nature some love.  He began planting trees in a sandbar near his birthplace in Assam, India…

Payeng’s intention was to build a place for wildlife to live.  He wanted to create life instead of cutting it down like everyone else around him…


Thirty-seven years later, the forest he built is home to over 115 elephants, some rhinos, deer, and several tigers.  How beautiful is that?  He said, “I will continue to plant until my last breath.”  Watch the full video next!

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