Man Lines Up His Pets for a Trick, Can You Guess Who Is the Brightest of the Bunch?

It’s not difficult to teach a dog a new trick, but cats are a whole different story.  They’d rather just be given a treat instead of working for it.  When a dog smells food, its mind becomes completely consumed by the tasty thoughts bouncing around in its head.

Some of the more basic dog tricks include sit, fetch, heel, lay down, stay, and roll over.  An owner of two Rottweilers and a cat decided to shoot this video and show off his pets’ skills.  Prepare to be amazed!

A pet owner lined up his two Rottweilers and his cat to have a trick showdown…

The eager dogs were able to perform roll over in exchange for a tasty treat.  A person can teach a dog almost anything if there is a treat at the end!

Do you think the cat will perform the trick?  See what happens next…

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