Man Is Reported Missing in Woods. Then Special Camera Captures His Dog Protecting Him

Things took a turn for the worse for a 67-yr-old man named Martin Kay when he literally got bogged down.  He became trapped in a bog while hiking with his dog.  Both he and his dog were not strong enough to pull him out of the depths.

Kay’s friend alerted the authorities when Kay didn’t come back home.  He was stuck in the bog for 7 hours before a helicopter used thermal imaging equipment to find him.  The image revealed his dog, Holly Blue, right there by his side.

During the initial rescue, two rescuers got caught in the bog themselves.  They threw Kay their jackets to help keep him warm in the near-freezing temperatures.  Holly Blue did her best to keep her owner calm until the next battalion of rescuers arrived on the scene.

Here you can see Holly Blue by Kay’s side

During his rescue, Kay fell asleep due to the bitter cold.  Holly Blue was able to keep him calm while he waited for hours on end.  Kay said, “She’s a very loyal dog.”

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