Man Comes Face to Face with an Alligator, But That Was Only the Beginning of the Surprise!

There are some places on earth that are a little more dangerous than others.  For example, Big Cypress in South Florida is a swamp full of alligators lurking in the tall grass.  Anyone who is brave enough to walk around there knows a gator can jump out at any moment!

Florida photographer Bobby Wummer summoned the courage to set up some cameras in Big Cypress, and he was gifted an amazing surprise!


Florida wildlife photographer Bobby Wummer took a trip to Big Cypress swamp in South Florida to see what kind of cool pictures he could take.  He could never have guessed what he would run into after arriving!

He witnessed a neverending train of gators crossing the path.  Wummer wrote on his Facebook page, “It was the never-ending train of gators of all sizes. They ranged from 2 feet up to 12 feet.”



He reported that the gator crossing lasted for about a half hour.  Watch the incredible footage next!

Click next to watch the full video!


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