Malnourished Cat with Painful Ulcers Is Finally Adopted, Undergoes Stunning Transformation

Stories of animal neglect are never fun to hear about, but at the same time, it is necessary to make people aware.  Neglected animals need all the love in the world.  It is the only way they can make a full recovery.

Kern County Animal Services had a difficult case on their hands when a severely neglected cat came in.  Its mouth was covered in ulcers due to severe neglect and starvation.  Its ribs stuck out through its thin coat of fur.

This cat had a tough journey ahead of him…

A cat suffering from severe neglect and starvation was covered in painful ulcers when it arrived at Kern County Animal Services.

The staff named him Cuddles because even though he suffered so much, he still wanted to cuddle.

Elaine Lyford-Nojima, the founder of Maine Coon Adoptions (MCA), offered a helping hand to cuddles.

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