Loyal Dog Waits Two Weeks at Car Crash Site to Reunite with Her Family

A dog’s loyalty is second to none; they don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for nothing.  One day, an animal rescuer named Kathy Wilkes-Myers noticed a Rottweiler on the side of the road.  When she approached the dog, she could tell it wasn’t a stray because of the way she acted.

The poor baby had been living on the side of the road for weeks and was starving.  Kathy told CBS News, “I could just tell right away she was somebody’s baby. She just didn’t act like a stray dog to me.”

Animal rescuer Kathy Wilkes-Myers found a Rottweiler on the side of the road one day and noticed it wasn’t a stray.  When she investigated the scene, she discovered the dog had been living in a pile of human possessions…

Luckily, Kathy was able to find a notebook with a woman named Michelle’s car insurance card which included her phone number…

After contacting the number, Kathy set up an epic reunion.  See what happens next!

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