LOL! Watch the Groomer Burst Into Laughter After the Dog Creates Its Own Language!

Remember your first haircut?  Of course, you don’t!  But chances are you threw a huge hissy fit the first time you sat down in the chair.  There is something about a first haircut that terrifies a child.  Well, it turns out dogs aren’t much different.

Meet Oreo, the 11-week-old puppy who took her second trip to the groomer.  Oreo definitely isn’t a huge fan of getting propped up on the table for a little trim.  When she throws a tantrum during her grooming, the groomer can’t help but laugh!

Meet Oreo, the 11-week-old puppy who went to get her second haircut.  If one thing is for sure, she’s not a huge fan of going to the groomer!

She threw the biggest hissy fit that had the groomer cracking up!  So much noise for a little dog!

You’ll be cracking up too when you see her in action!  Check out the full clip next!

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