LOL! Here’s What Animals Would Like if They Had Eyes in the Front

For humans, it’s hard to imagine what an animal with eyes on the sides of its head must see like.  Our vision is always right in front us, and eyes work together to create one frame.  Some animals simultaneously view two frames since their eyes go in opposite directions.

Imgur user Kiyoi decided to undertake a project to see what animals would look like with eyes in the front instead of the sides.  The results are nothing short of hilarious.  You may not look at these animals the same afterward!

This makes a shark appear goofier instead of ferocious, that is until you look down at its jaw.

Bunnies wouldn’t be quite as cute!  It looks more like a hamster than a bunny.

This is freaky!  Looking into this rooster’s eyes for too long isn’t advised!

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