LOL! Bird Throws Hilarious Hissy Fit When Told to Go in Her Cage – THIS IS PRICELESS!

Birds are full of personality.  They have the amazing ability to learn and mock the human language.  Pebbles the cockatoo lived in 10 homes during a 20-year span before landing at Canada’s Saskatoon Parrot Rescue.

Soon after her arrival, the workers realized she has the mouth of a sailor.  Somewhere along the line, someone taught her how to say some nasty words.  Be warned, her language may offend some people!

Meet Pebbles the cockatoo, she has the mouth of a sailor.  Over a 20-year period, she lived in 10 different homes before landing at a Candian parrot rescue…

Soon after her arrival, the rescue workers realized she knew some dirty words.  One rescue worker said, “So, we don’t know for sure where she learned it, but she came to us with it.”


When Pebbles was told to get back inside of her cage, she threw a hissy fit!  Enjoy Pebbles in action next!

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