Local Kids Terrorize a Homeless Mom and Her Pups, But Authorities Get the Last Laugh

It is true that kids usually don’t know any better.  Sometimes when they get together, they can do bad things without thinking of the consequences.

Recently, a stray dog gave birth and nestled up to care for her puppies in a trash can.  Kids in the area took notice to her and began stealing her puppies.  The tiny and weak dog wasn’t able to fight back.

Hopefully, the dogs found good homes…

Hope for Paws received a call about a stray dog who had just given birth and took shelter in a trash can.  The local kids stole her puppies…


When they arrived at the scene, they noticed a trashcan propped up by a board…

They took caution because they didn’t want to startle the rattled mother…


Inside they found one puppy left, and she was guarding it with her life!

The sad story does have a happy ending!  A woman adopted them together, and the mother dog will always have her child by her side!  Bless Lisa Chiarelli for her kindness!


See the full video below!

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