Little Boy Is Inspiring the World with His Incredible Act of Kindness – Do You Support Him?

Children are naturally angelic.  They have not yet been corrupted by greed or the myriad of other evils adults succumb to.  A four-year-old boy named Jaxton Betschart inspired an entire community and now people from all over the world with his act of kindness.

When kids receive an allowance, they usually want to buy video games or other cool toys.  Then there are the kids who are natural savers.  Jaxton, on the other hand, decided to do something special wth his money…

Jaxton and his mother took a trip to the Charleston Animal Society.  When Jaxton arrived, he instantly fell in love with two of the pit bulls there.  He decided to use his allowance to pay their adoption fees!

One of the pit bull’s named Tank excited Jaxton enough for the boy to run up to the front of his cage for a photo.  Jaxton said, “Mommy! He’s big and chunky like me.”


Jaxton wanted to bring Tank home, but unfortunately, the family was unable to due to breed restrictions on military housing…

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