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Kris Jenner's Advice to Her Grandkids Will Blow Your Mind

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Born in San Diego, California, in November of 1955, Kristen Mary Houghton is best known for being the mom of six very famous children, helping them create an unprecedented media empire, and bringing the term "momager" into the popular lexicon. And just so you know, she's trademarked that term!

In addition to surviving bone cancer at age 8, she's endured the murder of her best friend and the untimely death of her former spouse. Her legendary business acumen has seen Keeping Up With the Kardashians consistently dominate its time slot and spread to 156 countries.

And along the way, this OG Kardashian has learned a few things. Here's Kris' twelve best pieces of advice for her kids, her grandkids, and for you...

12. Always Admit When You're Wrong

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In a 2016 interview with People magazine, Kris finally opened up about the murder of her close friend, Nicole Brown Simpson. She admitted that she had missed the warning signs of abuse and "failed to act" where her friend's wellbeing was concerned.

"I wasn't a very good friend to her," she said. "And I admit that."

Moreover, according to the Daily Mail, Caitlyn Jenner said that Nicole had called Kris a few days before her murder and told her, "He's going to get rid of me and get away with it, because he's OJ Simpson."

Kris and Caitlyn both underestimated their friend's words and thought that she was just exaggerating. After learning of the crime, Kris said, "I knew OJ was guilty."

11. The Family Comes Before Everything Else

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While Kris is best known for raising her own children in the spotlight, she credits her grandmother with instilling the value of family in her. During an interview with Giuliana Rancic for Beyond Candid, Kris said that her grandmother, Lou Ethyl Wyatt Campbell, had a candle shop. After her parents' divorce in 1962, Kris' grandmother played a very important role in her and her sister's life.

"I worked in her store and learned about responsibility, how to manage cashflow, and problem solve," she said. "But she really taught me about the importance of family. You take care of your own. You teach them how to be survivors."

10. You Are the Boss of Your Own Life

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As a young woman, Kris worked in her grandmother's business, in a doughnut shop, and as a flight attendant. When she met Robert Kardashian as his junior of 12 years, she decided to become a mother and housewife. But whether she was at work or at home, Kris was always in charge of her own life.

"She and Robert actually clashed a lot," said sister Karen Houghton. "You see, Robert wanted to always call the shots, but Kris wouldn't let him get away with that. She had her own opinions. And when it came to the kids, her word was final."

In a 2012 interview with the Daily Mail, Kris said:

"Most of my girls are in their 30s, 20s, I mean, they’re not going to take my discipline. I’m sure you’ve all seen the show, where I have no voice. Kendall and Kylie are still under my thumb and live in my house, though. There’s no option — you don’t give your kids an option. You are living in my house with my rules."

And next, it's time for a come-to-Jesus talk...

9. Be Diplomatic & Embrace Cooperation

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If you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you know that Kris loves a good family meeting. Whether it's about Kim doing a Playboy shoot or how to tell the kids about Caitlyn's transition, she's going to have a sit down, come-to-Jesus discussion.

But this strategy is far from a weakness! By considering the opinions and perspectives of the people most important to her, she's able to make balanced decisions. Oftentimes, we don't know "what we don't know" — and Kris is comfortable relying upon the people she trusts.

8. Siblings Should Be There For Each Other

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Kris' sister, 59-year-old Karen Houghton, told People magazine in 2014 that she "does not have the same lifestyle as the rest of the Kardashians." In fact, she's made it clear that she has no interest in Hollywood and prefers a "normal life" just like the rest of us.

But just because they're different people, that doesn't mean that Kris and Karen aren't close. When Karen was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2012, Kris dropped everything to be with her.

"She suspended filming her show, delegated her responsibilities, and then flew down to Florida to stay with me," said Houghton. "People don't really know that side of her. She's incredibly loving and one hell of a nurse!"

7. Have As Many Kids As You Can Afford

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Kris reportedly gave Kim some advice when she was nervous about having three kids, especially since she wasn't carrying baby Chicago.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Kim said:

"Mom told me that, 'Children ultimately come from God and it's good to have as many as you can afford.' I told Kanye that we are stopping after three. I can't do any more than three."

And next, there's only one thing that can be your guide, it's...

6. Let Joy 'Be Your Guide'

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Kris told Us Weekly that when Kylie Jenner told her she was pregnant, she gave her a little speech:

"It's hard to know what the right choice is sometimes. I've found that if you follow your joy, you can't go wrong. The trick is understanding that joy is different from happiness. Being happy comes and goes, but joy is like a little light that comes from inside. When you do things that increase that light, you're on the right track."

5. You Have to Embrace The Chaos

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Did you know that Kris' first husband dumped her for Priscilla Presley? When Robert Kardashian was unable to mold Elvis' ex into a "submissive housewife," he went back to dating Kris.

"I knew this was my chance," Kris told News AU. "I had always been in love with Robert, and although I was mad at him for leaving me, I saw my opportunity. I had to just embrace the imperfect situation I found myself in."

In 1978, the couple married. Kris was only 22 years old at the time!

Up next, Kris and Kyle Richards agree on this one special piece of advice...

4. Don't Forget to Make Time For Your Friends

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Kris Jenner knows the importance of having BFFs that aren't blood relatives!

She often takes road trips and hits the gym with friends like The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards. Remember, this is the woman who created a music video called, "I Love My Friends," in 1985 when she was a brand new mom.

"It's important to have an outlet other than your family," she told E! News Live.

3. Take Notes on Everything

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Her kids laughed at Kris when she hired a secretary only tasked with taking notes.

"I've always meticulously documented everything. When I was a young wife, I was in charge of the household budget and Robert wanted to know where every last penny went. Since then, I've kept unbelievable records," she said on season 5 of KUWTK.

When Kris was audited in 2014, did you know the IRS ended up owing her money? Yep, that's right.

And number two is our personal favorite...

2. Only Use Positive Reinforcement

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As much as it's tempting to judge Kris for all of the wealth and fame she's accumulated for herself and her family, that would be a mistake. She always tells her kids how proud she is of them and "has their back like no one else."

"If you want your kids to keep doing right, you reward that behavior," she said on KUWTK. "You make the right choice the tempting and easy choice. Yelling and scolding doesn't work."

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1. Never Settle For Less Than Your Dream

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