Juniper the Baby Creature

Normally, when people encounter unfamiliar creatures hanging out on their porches, they jump back in fear or are startled by what they find. Most of the time, they run back to their cars or bolt through the front door of their homes. For one family, their experience was different and years later, their lives are still forever changed by the creature they found on their porch.

Juniper The Model Fox
Juniper’s mom found her a few years ago, no bigger than her cupped hands. Rather than run away, the mom scooped up the baby fox and took it in. They named her Juniper and couldn’t believe how adorably photogenic the fox was. Juniper quickly won their hearts!

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Foxes Behave Like Dogs
It became apparent that although Juniper is not a dog, she behaves like one. Foxes bark, not whine or hiss, and they have a high level of energy. That is, Juniper loves to play and eat and cuddle just like dogs.

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Foxes Can Smile
The most adorable aspect of Juniper’s personality is her smile. It’s unusual for animals to smile so openly and when Juniper does, it’s a golden moment of pure joy and one her mom can’t help but capture on camera.

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Foxes Are Wild Animals
Normally, foxes are supposed to be long-term pets. They’re animals of instinct, needing to hunt and feed in a way that wild animals do. Foxes are animals that stalk their prey and can be vicious to strangers. Think of any wild animal that isn’t normally used to humans and that’s how foxes are.

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Juniper Is Wild, too.
Juniper’s mom says she acts just like other foxes. She pounces when she hears noises, she crouches down,and she has that killer instinct that make foxes deadly.For this and other reasons, foxes are not like having a cat or a dog.

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Juniper’s Diet Is Unusual
Unlike our cats and dogs, Juniper does not eat kibble or gnaw on a tasty breaded treat. She eats raw meat and bones. She also needs a lot of Taurine because without it, she’ll go blind and suffer from terrible seizures. Juniper, like other foxes, cannot stay indoors all the time.

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Mom Says Raising A Fox Is Difficult
Juniper’s mom said raising a fox is hard because her needs are not the same as dogs or cats. A fox needs more play, extra attention, and a firm, assertive hand when disciplining.

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Juniper’s Natural Instincts Kick In
Without a firm hand and proper attention, foxes can become quite destructive. Mom said Juniper has torn up half the house when she needed to go outside. At night, she sometimes stalks mice and other small critters. She’ll pounce on them and kill them, as her instincts tell her too.

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This Makes Keeping A Fox Tough
Because foxes are more wild animal than pets, it can make owning them as a pet tough. Domesticated animals are easy to own but foxes are not domesticated creatures. They are wild dogs and unlike pets, they need to follow their wild instincts to survive.

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But Mom Says Juniper Is Precious
Despite being wild, Juniper’s mom loves her and thinks she precious. Together, they explore the woods, eat, snuggle, and play. Though she is wild, Juniper loves her mom and behaves when she’s inside the house.

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Juniper Loves To Play
Juniper and mom have a favorite game they play together to bond. It’s a game they’ve played since the first day Juniper was found on their porch. They play a game of chase. Mom would chase Juniper and then run away so Juniper could chase her. Even though she’s wild, Juniper is a member of the family and incredible loved. Not to mention, adorable!

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