Is Pedigree Food Killing Dogs? A Consumer Watch Dog Organization Says So…

“We switched to Pedigree’s Adult Complete Nutrition, and two days later, Lady was dead,” posted Amber Ransour on the Consumer Affairs website. “She started defecating bloody black stools and then had a seizure. My husband had to bury her in our garden because I was so distraught. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

On the heels of massive pet food recalls rocking the country, an article on Natural News is shinning some not-so-flattering light on a popular dog food manufacturer. According to the report, Pedigree has received hundreds of complaints on the Consumer Affairs website about animals dying after consuming their products.

Check it out from Natural News:

If you own pets, it is probably worth your while to take a closer look at what you are feeding them to determine whether or not it is actually safe. A recent review of the consumer watchdog website,, reveals that popular dog food brand Pedigree has received hundreds of complaints in recent days about injuries and deaths potentially caused by its dog food lines, and yet neither Pedigree nor the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued any formal recalls of Pedigree dog food products.

Rapid tooth decay, loose and discolored stools, severe vomiting, seizures, major gastrointestinal upset, and death are among the many complaints posted by Pedigree customers with regards to the health of their pets after eating Pedigree dog food. One woman from Phoenix, Arizona, for instance, recently posted a complaint about how her Pomeranian died in her sleep just days after eating Pedigree dog food and suffering a seizure. Another woman says her dog, also a Pomeranian, died just one day after eating Pedigree.

“My male who was the only one who ate the food took sick within hours of eating this, vomiting, lethargic and then continued with no appetite and less and less energy,” writes Bonnie from Labrador City, Newfoundland, about the consequences of feeding her dog Pedigree’s Nutrience dog food. She goes on to explain that within 29 hours, and with no other explanation other than the dog food, her 10-year-old dog Ripley was found dead.

Numerous reports of people’s dogs throwing up bile and passing discolored and loose stools litter the feedback page for Pedigree, indicating a common thread that deserves further investigation. Others report that their otherwise healthy dogs developed a pattern of not eating shortly after consuming Pedigree, including one woman from Junction City, Kansas, who says her dog went from eating fine, to not eating, to throwing up regularly. Within three weeks, her dog was dead.

“I took her to the vet and they said she had what she believed was a dog flu, so we gave her antibiotics and began to force feed her,” writes Heather about the traumatic experience. “She progressively got worse, wasn’t drinking or taking down the meds or the food. She began pooing black and within 24 hours she was dead in the hallway.”

Not only Heather’s story, but hundreds of other similar stories can be seen posted just within the past few weeks at, suggesting that something is very seriously wrong with the Pedigree dog food brand.

Since no formal recalls have been issued at this time, our suggestion is to simply avoid all Pedigree products moving forward. There are safer, healthier dog food brands with a more positive track record of safety…

Is Pedigree your dog’s brand?