HYSTERICAL! Owner Came Home to Find His Dog with a New Smile!

Dogs just love to do the darndest things; a lot of times they think they are helping out when they aren’t, but no one can get mad at a playful dog for being a dog.

Meet Pandora, she lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil with her owner Lucas Alves Magalhães.  He adopted Pandora and after getting her home, he learned she loves to dig around in the backyard.

On one occasion, she nearly buried his BBQ!  That was a funny tale, but this one is even better!

During one afternoon, Lucas realized his dog Pandora found something mysterious in the backyard.  He couldn’t tell what it was because she was hiding it…

Lucas said, “When I lifted her head, I almost died from laughing.”

Pandora discover a buried treasure in the form of an old set of dentures!  She managed to perfectly wear them…

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