Human Builds a Dragon-Shaped Cardboard House for His Cat in Order to Please His Master

Living in a cardboard box may not be fun for a human, but for a cat, it’s a whole different story.  A guy named Sam and his cat are head-over-heels in love with each other.

One of his hobbies is building his cat, Denni, homes out of cardboard and hot glue.  Recently, he raised the bar and constructed her a majestic dragon-shaped castled.

The design is more intricate than you may think.  The tower features moving parts, stepping planks, storage drawers for toys and sliding windows.

Follow Sam on Instagram if you’re a cat lover.  He also makes DIY cat toys and homemade cat food.  Some would say he is the MacGyver of cat owners.

Check out the kitty castle below!

Here’s Denni in the dragon’s mouth.  Don’t get burnt!



The complete view of the homemade home is amazing!  All held together by hot glue.

Sam loves his craft.

Denni loves peering out of the window.

All it needs now is a drawbridge!

Check out Denni in action below!

If you think Denni’s dragon-inspired home is cool, be cool and share with your friends!

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