Hopeless Dog Gave Up on Trying to Find a New Owner, Then One Day a Loving Hand Reached Out

Sadly, there are too many dogs in the world who are living their lives in shelters looking for forever homes.  After a certain number of rejections, any living creature can lose motivation and confidence.

A dog at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles became aloof and never greeted any visitors.  The introduction note on her kennel read, “I don’t have a name yet …”  A photographer named John Hwang took notice to the poor girl and decided to do something special for her…

Los Angeles-based photographer John Hwang often takes trips to the local animal shelter to help dogs find homes through the use of his photography skills.  He has the ability to get dogs more exposure…

When he saw a little dog there who didn’t come up to the fence, he instantly decided to help find her a home.  After standing there awhile, the dog finally approached him…


She poked her head through a gap in the fence and laid her head in Hwang’s hand.  Hwang said, “People ask me, ‘How do you choose dogs? There are so many dogs at the shelter.’ For me, it just happens. I’m more interested in the connection. That’s what I want to capture — the connection.”

Hwang shared his photos on social media where they were immediately shared.  He stated, “It was just so beautiful the way she reached out to me. I felt like she was doing all the work. She was reaching out to me. And I thought, ‘I want to be able to capture that and show just how much she was wanting to connect with somebody.”  He checked on her status a few days later and saw that she had been adopted.  Job well done, Mr. Hwang!


Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

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