HOLY MOLY! Meet the World’s Largest Dog, He’s Over 7-Feet Tall!

When a person pictures a big dog, breeds like mastiffs and Great Danes usually come to mind.  While mastiffs are more broad-shouldered, Great Danes are longer and taller.

Featured here is Freddy the Great Dane from Essex, England.  He’s officially recognized as the World’s Largest Dog by Guinness World Records.

When his mother Claire brought him home, she had no clue he’d grow to be 7’6″ tall!

Meet Freddy the Guinness World Record holder for World’s Largest Dog.  He stands a whopping 7’6″ tall and weighs over 200 lbs!  Despite his incredible size, his mom says he’s a gentle giant.

Compared to his Great Dane sister, Fluer, Freddy is still huge.  Their mom Claire spends an amazing amount on food to feed them.  Her annual grocery bill for them alone exceeds $15,000!

Claire says she takes him for 40-minute walks early in the morning to avoid other dogs or any distractions.  She knows it’d be impossible to hold him back if he pulled her!  Have you ever seen a dog like Freddy?

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