His HYSTERICAL Reaction to Spotting a Squirrel Will Have ROTFL!

Dogs go absolutely crazy when they find a small animal to chase.  It’s one of the most exciting dog activities in the world.  The Springer Spaniel, Rocco, featured in this video may be the biggest fan of squirrel chasing on the planet!

When he noticed a squirrel while sitting in the car one day, he started speaking in a tongue only he can understand.  You’re going to crack up when you hear what he had to say!

Meet Rocco the Springer Spaniel, he’s a huge fan of chasing squirrels.  Springer Spaniels are famous hunting dogs so it’s in their nature to chase…

When he saw a squirrel from the car, he became so excited, he could barely contain himself!

Rocco began speaking in some kind of ancient dialect only few dogs can understand.  You’ll be ROTFL when you hear what he had to say!

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