Hipster Snake Found Wearing Sunglasses with a Mustache

This snake is the reincarnation of Miles Davis and goes by the title “The King Cobra of Cool.”

The photo of the hipster snake was submitted to Texas Parks and Wildlife by one Karlie Gray.  She was on the way to Burning Man when she saw the Western Rat Snake crawl out of a thrift shop with the oldest denim jacket in the store.

Get a load of the King Cobra of Cool below!

Texas State Parks/Karlie Gray

Texas State Parks/Karlie Gray

Upon first glance, it’s hard not to notice the shades, but if you look closer, there is also a tiny hipster mustache!  Hipsters from all over Brooklyn are thinking of driver their old Volvos cross country to pick this guy up.

Below, you can see a close up shot of the mustache in action.  The snake doesn’t even need to use wax to keep his hipster stache molded to perfection.


Texas State Parks/Karlie Gray

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