HILARIOUS! When Mom Pulled Back the Shower Curtin, She Found This Big Guy Waiting for Her…

Huskies are known for being vocal when they don’t get their way.  It’s not easy to raise a Husky, a dog owner must earn a Husky’s respect before a Husky will obey commands.  Remember, they are not too far away from being a wolf.  In a wolf pack, there is a pack leader.

The Husky in this video, Zeus, loves to play in the bathtub.  When his mom finds him to go for a walk, he groans and moans.  You’ll be cracking up when you see his silly tantrum!

Zeus the Husky was hiding in the bathtub when mom wanted to take him for a walk.  He loves to get in the bathtub when the water is running.  Zeus thinks it’s a game…

When she told him to get up, he began throwing the silliest tantrum.  He moans like his entire life is coming to an end…


Eventually, mom won, and he did go for a walk.  Check out his hilarious tantrum next!

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