Hero Makes Epic Return to Adopt the Dog He Rescued, Their Reunion is PRICELESS!

Heroes and astronauts have a lot in common.  They are the most interesting people alive.  The story of Mojo is a sad yet heartwarming tale.

When Joey Wagner found the tiny pup, he had a terrible mange infection and was on the brink of death.  Wagner is a marine animal rescuer from Nova Scotia.

If Mojo was going to survive, he had to fight!

When Wagner rescued Mojo, they thought he only had hours to live…


Then he made a miraculous recovery, hence the name, Mojo.

Mojo was a rare case and not ready to be adopted by just any family.  That’s why Wagner doubled down as a hero and decided to adopt Mojo!  Click next to see what Mojo looks like now.


Mojo’s hair never fully grew back, but look how cute he is with his sibling!  It’s so beautiful to see him alive and well after all he’d been through!

See the full video below!

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