Hardcore Flooding Rips Through a Village, But These Animal Owners Refused to Let Go of Their Precious Dogs

Most dog owners love their dogs as if they were their children.  It’s hard to imagine ever letting go of our dogs even in times of crisis when we must make tough decisions for our own survival.  What would you do if your home was hit by a natural disaster?

The people of Joso, Japan felt the aftermath of a sequence of torrential downpours that caused the Kinugawa River to overflow.  It got so bad, the water levels rose high enough to completely submerge their homes.  Helicopters flew in to rescue everyone they could…

Torrential downpours in Joso, Japan caused the Kinugawa river to overflow BIG time!  The water levels rose high enough to completely submerge people’s homes!

Helicopters flew in to save thousands of people who were stranded on the roofs of their homes.  That’s when rescuers noticed one family with a special surprise…

The married couple each clung to a dog ensuring that their precious pets weren’t swept away in the flood.  Watch the full rescue next!  It’s an amazing sight!

Watch the full video below!

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