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Beauty Queen Stops Shaving and Discovers an Awful Truth

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The women's liberation movement has been full-steam ahead since the 1960s, but most feminists would probably agree that the train still quite hasn't arrived at the station.

Being the creative creatures they are, women have always found unique ways to attract attention to their plights. From burning bras to clever protest chants, these gals with a message have been inspiring jaw-dropping headlines for decades.

Following in the footsteps of feminist icons like Gloria Steinem and Margaret Atwood, fitness blogger Morgan Mikenas has found herself at the center of a social media controversy — with some unlikely celebrity allies!

It's Been Well Over Three Years Since...

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"The way the initial story was written — this was a couple of years ago — has grown and changed," Mikenas said on her YouTube channel. "I don't resonate or agree with the way my story is being communicated. I'm here with you now, to open my heart and clarify my message."

Well, as one blogger recently put it, "she's probably got plenty of time on her hands to clarify any and all of her messages."

Why is that you ask? Well, the 19-year-old from Indiana hasn't "shaved her legs, armpits, or cha-cha" for over three years now. If you calculate out how much time she's saved, that's like getting an extra couple of days a year.

A Hollywood-Inspired Fad?

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Plus, she's probably saving a semester's worth of tuition on razors, shaving gel, and body lotion!

“I’m not trying to make all of humanity stop shaving their hairy armpits and leg hair,” said Mikenas. “Obviously, it isn't for everyone."

But for Mikenas, this isn't some Hollywood-inspired fad or some psychedelic hippy trip: she's got a good reason for not shaving.

And believe me, it's not what you might think...

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