Firefighters Hear Dog Barking from Burning Apartment, Rush in and Find Dog Protecting Owner

We all know dogs are incredibly loyal to their owners.  A 10-yr-old Chow Chow/Golden Retriever named Che may just be the most loyal of all dogs.

The superhero dog saved his owner from a house fire!  Residents in Port Richmond, Philadelphia heard loud barks coming from a neighborhood home at 3 am.

It didn’t take them long to track down the barks and realize it was coming from Che’s owner, Andrea Bulat’s home.  When they saw smoke billowing in the air, they immediately called in the emergency.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, what they found was incredible!

Che shielded an unconscious Andrea from the flames.  He felt like her life was more valuable than his own!

Che saved Andrea’s life!  Her body was only partially burned because of his heroics.  Amazingly, Che only suffered from smoke inhalation and no major burns.  They put him on oxygen to help him regain consciousness.

Veterinarians were unsure if Che would pull through because of his old age, but he did what all superheroes do and beat the odds!

Bulat’s friends were also kind enough to chip in and cover Che’s $5,000 medical bill.

Everything about this story is heartwarming.

Check out Che’s video below.

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