Farmers Were SHOCKED After Watching Their Cow Give Birth, This Never Happened Before…

Unlike dogs, cows normally only give birth to one baby at a time; rarely do they have twins.  Dairy cows give birth year round to ensure a steady supply of milk.

One cow at Zuppan Dairy farm in California shocked her owners when she did something they had never seen and will most likely never see again in their lives…


A cow at Zuppan Dairy farm in California shocked her owners…

Usually, when dairy cows give birth, they only have one baby.  Their babies can weigh anywhere from 75 to 95 lbs.



The owners of the farm noticed the cow had a very large belly during her pregnancy.  They feared they may lose her during childbirth.  It’s not uncommon for cows to pass away when giving birth to more than one calf…

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