Farmer Heard a Whimper Coming from Her Barn – Once She Posted the Photos on Facebook, No One Could Believe Their Eyes!

All types of animals can pop up on a farm.  It’s not uncommon for farmers to have to shoo away pests or find other animals who wandered into their barns.  One of those animals we most often want out of lives forever is the rat.

A farmer named Andrea Davis heard a faint whimper coming from her barn one day.  When she looked closer, she noticed it was a baby rat on the brink of death.Normally, she would shoo away all rats, but this poor baby wouldn’t have made it without some help…

A farmer named Andrea Davis is used to disposing of rodents, vermin, and other critters who threaten the health of her farm or livestock.  One day, she heard a faint whimpering coming from her barn…

Mrs. Davis found this particular sound peculiar. Her years of experience with livestock earner her a pair of fine-tuned ears. Few sounds could stump her, but this time, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it…


She found a baby rat on the brink of death.  The rat had wandered into a bucket of water near the cows and was struggling to swim out!

Much to her surprise, the faint whimpers were coming from a tiny rat that managed to trap himself in a bucket of water. The rats future seemed bleak; imagine trying to crawl your way out of a plastic pool with 30 foot walls! But as luck would have it, this rat’s life story received a plot twist


Usually, Andrea disposes of all critters, but she took a liking to the rat and could tell it was suffering from hypothermia…

Her experience with livestock and little critters also lended her the ability to easily diagnose animals. As difficult as it may be to diagnose humans, oftentimes, animals present a much tougher challenge since, mind you, they are unable to speak! Yet, Andrea’s special connection to animals allowed her to immediately recognize the problem.


After she warmed the rat up, she put the little guy in a carrier cage with a hot water bottle to block the cats from getting to him…

As an animal expert, Andrea tapped into her repellent knowledge to device a safe living area for her new friend. Fortunately, it did the trick and managed to keep the rat safe in the cage. Well, at least for a short while…


Some time passed, and the little rat began to grow and look healthier.  He began climbing the sides of the crate, and Andrea decided it was time to free him back into the wild…

As they say, you can’t tame a wild animal! By keeping the rodent caged up, Andrea would’ve hurt it’s ability to survive on it’s own. So although the two formed a bond during the recovery and growth period, the time had come to do the right thing by setting it free.


Since then, she has never forgotten the special bond she shared with the rat.  Other farmers ridiculed her for not disposing of the rat, but she feels just fine knowing she saved his life.

Sometimes, going against the wind is the right move. When an animal is vulnerable and in need, it’s always right to lend a hand. Animal cruelty does not need to exist in this world. There is no place for that type of behavior. Hopefully, next time you see a living being in need – whether it be a human, animal, plant or insect – you’ll keep Andrea’s story in mind and lend a hand.


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