Family of Elder Chihuahuas Adopts a Tiny Kitten

It was just another day at Skid Row in Los Angeles before a big change came in a tiny package.  Julie Docherty was doing her normal detail volunteering for the Love My Neighbor Foundation when a woman approached her carrying a crying kitten.

The woman told Julie she saved the young kitten after the homeless people lining the streets were tossing it around.  Docherty couldn’t help but take pity on the cat and decided to bring it home until she could find someone to adopt it.


Julie Docherty

On the way home, Julie had no clue how things were going to with her other pets.  She already owns four adopted senior chihuahuas – MoMo, Paloma, Benito and Choli.  They have no teeth and not a lot of energy to play with a young kitten.


Julie Docherty

After Julie took the kitten to the vet, she found out the little kitty was only 2 1/2 weeks old which meant the new baby needed around the clock bottle service.  Julie seriously had her hands full taking care of the four elders plus the little baby kitten.  It seemed like there was no way she would be able to keep the kitten.  In the meantime, she named it Rosita to help blend in with the elders.

Docherty was surprised the first time she let the kitten join the dogs and this happened…


Julie Docherty

After only a few minutes of checking the kitty out, everyone started relaxing together.  It seemed like the impossible became possible!


Julie Docherty

Nowadays, they are constantly seen napping together and sometimes kissing.


Julie Docherty

The soft food diet for everyone…


Julie Docherty

getting cuddly…


Julie Docherty

The proud clan


Julie Docherty

It looks like Rosati found a new home and a joyous group of chihuahuas!


Julie Docherty


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