Elephant Stands in the Same Spot for 3 Weeks, and We Can’t Believe Who She’s Waiting For

One of the most beautiful things in life is friendship.  There’s nothing quite like the unbreakable bonds we share with the people we love.

Just think of all the great memories you have with your best friends and how much better all those wonderful moments made your life.

Animals can have close friends just like humans.  A 35-year-old Asian elephant living at a sanctuary in Tennessee waited patiently in the same spot for three weeks.

When what she was waiting for finally arrived, it was one of the most joyous moments of her life!

An elephant stood in the same spot for three weeks waiting for something.  At first, no one knew why she stood there.

After suffering a back injury, Tarra the elephant was moved to a new location for three weeks to recover.  It must have felt like an eternity!



You can see what Tarra was waiting for below!

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