During Baby’s Nap Someone Pokes His Nose Through to Say “Hello” – This Is TOO PRECIOUS!

I really can’t imagine how much different life would be now had I not grown up with two Norwegian Elkhounds by my side.  One was more playful, and the other was more protective.  They were the perfect pair for children.

All dog owners can agree that it’s important to have a dog in the house when a child is growing up.  Children love dogs, and dogs love children.  It’s a no brainer!  That’s why watching this compilation of dogs with children will melt your little heart!

It’s always nice to have someone to go on the swings with even if that someone is the family dog.  Heck, it may even be better!

Sometimes children need a little nudge up the stairs or some assistance.  Dogs are great nudgers and assisters…


Children absolutely adore going on walks with dogs.   It’s a great way to get out of the house and make sure everyone is getting ample exercise.  Watch the full video next!

Click next to watch the full video!

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