Dog Was Having a Nightmare on the Couch, Then an Unlikely Hero Came to Save the Day!

Nobody likes nightmares!  It’s never fun to jump out of your sleep mid-nightmare and have no clue what is going on.  Have you ever heard your dog have a nightmare?  Dogs began panting and barking in their sleep when they are having doggie nightmares.

According to scientists, dogs dream just like humans, and they also sleep a lot more than humans – sometimes up to 14 hours a day (maybe I was a dog in another life)!  Watch what happens when this dog starts having a nightmare on the couch…


According to scientists, dogs dream much like humans.  All dog owners have seen their dogs have a nightmare.  They begin panting and barking quietly in their sleep…

When this dog began having a nightmare, he was squirming on the couch.  One can only imagine what his doggie brain was thinking about!



Then mid-nightmare, his best friend showed up to give him a helping paw!  Watch how cute they are together next!

Click next to watch the full video!


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