Dog Leaps into the Man’s Lap Who Saved His Life After Being Left for Dead in the Snow

Dogs may not have as strong of a memory as humans, but that doesn’t mean they don’t remember people in their lives who have made big impressions.  Always remember it’s our sense of smell that triggers memories in us.  Now imagine how much better a dog’s sense of smell is than ours.

The most recent Super Bowl was a thrill ride that ended in the Patriots winning after mounting a massive fourth quarter comeback.  An avid Patriots fan named Mike Diesel was watching the game when he saw a Facebook post that prompted him to leave the party he was at right away…

A man named Mike Diesel is an avid New England Patriots fan.  During this year’s Super Bowl, he came across the Facebook post below…

After Mike saw the post, he turned to his friends and said, “I gotta go, dog hit by a car.”  They couldn’t believe he was willing to stop watching the game during the fourth quarter.  The Patriots eventually went on to win the game in epic fashion…


Diesel did the 17-minute drive in under 13.  When he arrived, people had placed the dog in a box.  Diesel is the founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, hence his passion for animals…

Diesel rushed the dog they later named Knight Rider to the vet to get looked over.  The dog’s leg suffered serious injuries, and his temperature dropped to a dangerous level…


The vet used staples and steel bolts to set Knight Rider’s leg and give him a chance to walk again.  When Diesel recently visited him during his recovery, Knight Rider leaped into his lap, steel bolts and all!

Diesel has continued to visit Knight Rider, and every time he arrives, Knight Rider quickly remembers the man who saved his life.  Diesel may have missed the football game, however, he saved a grateful dog’s life!


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