Dog & Kitten Form Unlikely Duo and Do Something “Homeward Bound” Type Incredible!

You remember Homeward Bound, right?  The movie that started in all in the animal kingdom of love.  The classic movie shows how animals can work together to do incredible things.

That’s exactly what this dog and cat are doing.  They go on epic journeys together in nature.  Jessie the dog and Koda the cat live with their owner, Emily Aubrecht, in Alberta, Canada – the perfect place for outdoor adventures.

Wait until you see them in action!

Meet Jessie the 3-yr-old Labradoodle and her sidekick Koda the adopted 4-month-old kitten.

The pair quickly took to each other and became best friends.  Koda rides on Jessie’s back while they cruise through the Canadian wilderness…

Emily found Koda at an overcrowded home and immediately fell in love.  Emily believes Jessie thinks Koda is her baby.  How cute!

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