Dog Hears Someone at the Door, Absolutely Loses It When She Realizes It’s Her Soldier Dad!

Soldiers and their dogs form tight bonds because soldiers possess refined leadership qualities and the utmost confidence.  Dogs are attracted to people with confidence since they are pack animals.  They view their soldier moms and dads as the leaders of the pack.

When soldiers go away on tours of duty, their dogs always miss them.  The longer they are away, the more epic the reunion is when they return.  The following video is a compilation of soldiers reuniting with their dogs after returning home from active duty…


Dogs and soldiers form the tightest bonds.  Dogs are pack animals and look up to their soldier moms and dads as leaders…

When soldiers leave home to go on tours of duty, dogs become sad and miss their soldier parents.  Eventually, they will go back to normal, but that doesn’t mean they forgot about their soldier parents…



When you see this compilation video of soldiers reuniting with their dogs, your heart will melt.  Check out the full video next!

Watch the full video below!


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