Dog Found a Baby Opossum in the Grass, Then an Unthinkable Bond Formed Between Them

Most dogs love chasing small animals in the yard.  It brings out their innate instinct to hunt.  For a dog and small animal to become friends, there needs to be something special that we can’t quite understand in the mix.

Poncho an orphaned opossum lost his mother when he was only a baby.  That’s when he was introduced to Hantu the white German Sheperd.  They instantly fell in love since Hantu never had puppies of her own, and Poncho needed a mother…


Meet Poncho the opossum, he lost his mother at a young age which let him orphaned…

Vets cared for Poncho, but he lacked a mother in his life.  This prompted vets to introduce him to Hantu the white German Sheperd.  Hantu didn’t have pups and was more than glad to be Poncho’s mother…



Poncho grew up alongside Hantu, and she always took care of him like he was her own.  Wait until you see them together now!  Check out the full video next!

Watch the full video below!


Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

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