Dog Doesn’t Recognize His Owner After 3 Years Apart, But Wait for It…

They say dogs don’t have memories like humans, and that is true, but do you believe that they can remember the people they love even after spending years apart?  The best way to figure out if they remember is by experimenting to see what happens.

The man in this video was separated from his dog for 3 years.  When they reunite in the airport, the dog just sits and stares at the man…

We always wonder if our dogs will remember us after extended periods of time apart.  Dogs don’t have memories like ours, but does that mean they will forget who we are?

This man and his dog put a dog’s memory to the test.  The man and dog had been separated for three years without one visit…


As you can see from the photos, the dog sits and stares at the man wondering who he is.  What do you think happens in the full video?  Check it out next!

Click next to watch the full video!

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