Dog Tries to Warn Mom in the Middle of the Night – Then She Realizes Her Son Is in Terrible Danger

Dogs can do much more than just lay around and look cute.  Service dogs are some of the most important heroes on earth.  They are specially trained to care for those in need.

A service dog is proud to serve any human tirelessly, no questions asked.

A young boy named Luke suffers from type-1 diabetes.  His therapy dog named Jedi had a strange feeling about Luke one night and laid on Luke’s mother’s bed.

She checked Luke’s glucose monitor, and everything looked okay – but was it?

One night, Jedi the black lab woke up his mother.  The clever lab wanted her to check on her son, Luke.  He suffers from type-1 diabetes.

Everything looked fine on Luke’s glucose monitor, but Jedi wouldn’t leave her alone.  He sensed something was wrong.



Dorrie pricked Luke’s finger and found out he had a low reading of 57.  Jedi sensed what the monitor could not!

In essence, Jedi saved Luke’s life.  How does a dog sense what a machine can’t?  Amazing right?

Jedi was actually trained to be able to detect changes in glucose.

The bond Luke and Jedi share is like something out of a storybook.  Most people can only hope to find love like theirs.

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