Dog Becomes a Hero After Discovering an Unconscious Bird, You’ll Never Guess What He Did

Dog are clever, they can always sense danger.  Meet Diamond the Jack Russell who lives with his dad Gunnar in Iceland.

One day, Gunnar was at his computer when he noticed Diamond whining at the balcony door.  He knew Diamond had just been on a walk and didn’t need to go potty so he decided to investigate…

When he followed Diamond to the door, he noticed what he thought was a dead bird on the balcony.  When he got closer, he saw the bird blink its eye…

Gunnar decided to scoop the bird up and saw it still had some life in it.  He introduced the bird to Diamond who was excited his new bird friend was still alive.

Amazingly, Gunnar set the bird loose to see if it could fly, and it did a circle landing right back on Diamond’s head!

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