Dog and Baby Were Just Hanging Out Before They Had a Full on Conversation We Still Can’t Figure Out

Dogs and babies share a special bond us adults can’t relate to.  Apparently, dog and baby language are the same.  At first, the baby and dog were just lounging and watching their daytime soaps.  In the middle of their show, something must have made the baby become talkative.

The baby begins whining, and each time the baby whines, the dog talks back.  Every time the dog talks back, the baby momentarily stops whining.  This back and forth conversation is too adorable for words!

One day, a dog and a baby were lounging and watching their daytime soaps.  Something interesting must have happened on the show that sparked a conversation between them…

The baby began whining, and each time the baby whined, the dog howled back.  The dog’s howls momentarily soothed the baby…


Watch their full back and forth conversation next to see just how adorable these two are together.  You’ll instantly fall in love!

Click next to watch the full video!

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