Crippled Dog Is Forced to Hop like a Kangaroo – Until Rescuers Show up with a Miracle Solution

Much like humans, dogs can be born with birth defects.  It’s less common, but it can still occur.  It’s always sad to see a living creature start out its life with a disadvantage.

This is the case for Tigger the Staffordshire terrier mix.  He was born with a condition known as ectrodactyly, and it left him with abnormal front paws.

The condition forces him to hop around like a kangaroo instead of walking like a normal dog.  People from all over the world are now helping Tigger live a normal life!

A rescue group in Oregon named Savin’ Juice is giving Tigger a new chance at living a normal life.

Below, you can see how his condition left him with deformed front legs.

It’s hard for him to play with the other dogs.  He’s forced to hop around on his back legs.  This puts too much strain on his hind legs.

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